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It’s lonely at the top

High achieving CEOs, entrepreneurs and leaders know it's lonely at the top.

Darren's clients are high performing CEOs, Executive Leaders and Entrepreneurs who value having a confidant and trusted thinking partner.

Darren is a trusted partner to his clients, he helps them to identify innovative solutions to the challenges they face. Darren's work involves mentoring, coaching, innovation development and advisory services.


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The top organisations have one thing in common... great teams

Darren works with high performing leadership teams and supports them to clarify their vision and build their collective awareness, alignment, trust and respect.

Darren takes a practical and analytical approach by looking at the tangible and intangible, the hard and soft measures of team performance and success. He provides confidential, objective and straightforward feedback.

Some of the benefits that teams highlight through Darren’s approach include: Improved collaboration; clear sense of purpose, vision and direction; enhanced working practices that drive tangible results.


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Supporting organisations to deliver key leadership message

As an award wining leadership specialist and coach, Darren is privileged to speak across the world at conferences, leadership team meetings and learning events.

Darren speaks on a range of topics including; Leadership, Coaching, Entrepreneurships, Brand Development, Social Innovation/CSR and Change Leadership.


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Building teams through participation and engagement

Darren builds unique learning and idea generation events for his clients,that focus on addressing key organisationsal requirements.

Darren brings leaders and teams together to openly discuss, debate and resolve the key issues they are facing. Darren uses his challenging approach to get people to be transparent, straightforward and frank in order to drive to practical and tangible solutions.


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Darren is a serial purposeful entrepreneur and social innovator who loves working with senior clients in complex, agile and challenging environments.

He brings a straightforward, can-do attitude plus a solution focused mindset to everything that he does.

Darren is a father of two they keep his feet firmly planted on the ground. He is proud to be a trusted advisor to CEOs, business leaders, entrepreneurs and their leadership teams. He is an award winning coach recognised by the Association for Coaching, Coaching at Work, World Business & Executive Coach Summit, Global HR Excellence Awards and the World Coaching Congress as a global thought leader in business and professional coaching.

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Great feedback

"I work with Darren because I trust him implicitly. Being a CEO can be a lonely place … He provided me the safe supportive environment to talk through things I couldn’t discuss within the organisation… His counsel has been invaluable and I would recommend him to anyone." CEO, Financial Sector

"In just a few sessions with my team, Darren has elevated us from 'firefighting', to galvanised around a unifying customer vision that delivers proper value for the business and our customers. He is one of the best facilitators I've worked with, digging deep to force us to face into root cause issues. Darren is a brilliant combination of 'masterful' and 'real'" Marketing and CRM Director, TMT

"The 360 o feedback work undertaken though direct interviews rather than the more traditional electronic survey gave a much richer basis for self-improvement and self-reflection. Again this was duplicated for my broader team with very positive outcomes for each individual and importantly, improved team performance. I would recommended the journey to all."President and CEO, Global Mining Industry

"Darren is imaginative, highly emotional intelligent and overall challenging in his approach that fits our culture to a tee. Feedback from teams has been exceptional and I would have no hesitation in recommending him if you are looking for someone who will take your business and your people to the next level in leadership, commerciality and authentic realisation” Talent Director, TMT